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PR Connection 1 April 27, 2010

Filed under: PR Connections — Janee @ 4:18 am

So I was reading a Naked PR Blog and I came across an article about Tweet Spamming. The focus of the blog was to see how people felt about “self-linking” and “automated tweets.”

This automatically caught my eye because we had to do one week of twitter and on the PR Starter List we were provided Guy Kawasaki was listed and he was mentioned in the article. He often tweets with links to his blog included in the tweet. I personally don’t mind that he self-links to his blog, but some people don’t really like that.

Something that does bother me is automated tweets. Twitter is supposed to be a way to connect with people and network, but if there are constantly automated tweets being posted I may feel he need to unfollow.

I just really enjoyed this article because I could related to it on a personal level.


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