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Comment 5 April 27, 2010

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Author: Alli Harrington

I really liked this connection. I personally think that it may have been a discrimanatory thing. It doesn’t make sense to me that a Victoria’s Secret push up bra add can be aired all over the station but when a women of a larger size is in a similar attire the commercial is being refused. Just doesn’t add up in my mind.


Comment 4

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Author: Kelsey Hendrix

Wow! I never really payed that much attention to how often that word is used in media. I really don’t agree with the lack of respect when using that word. IIt is being freely used by individuals that have a large impact on society because of their positions in the media. I find it to be pretty unacceptable. That’s not the type of language that you just toss around in everyday speech. People, especially public figures, need to become more aware of their word choices.


Comment 3

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Author: Lauren Stevens

I remember the first time I saw this commercial it confused me too! I was thinking to myself, “what in the world is going on right now?!” I agree that this was a very smart publicity stunt for Burger King to take, but I still don’t know how I feel about the commercial. I LOVE Egg McMuffin’s, but despite the cheaper price I still don’t think I would purchase it anyway except McDonald’s. It just doesn’t seem right. That would be like trying to find a Whopper at Wendy’s. Just all wrong!


Comment 2

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Author: Jessica Teal

Finally someone who feels my pain. I definitely can relate to where you’re coming from. This semester alone has been a very draining one with my class schedule, work schedule and sorority schedule. It seems like the work is never-ending. I’ve been saying I need to take a vacation for the past two years, and yet, I’m still in Statesboro, Ga and haven’t left since the summer after my freshman year. I really hope you get your vaca time soon, because I KNOW I need mine!


Comment 1

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Author: Erica Bell

I thought this was a really interesting choice for a PR connection. Mainly because I’m looking for my internship for next spring right now. It’s really difficult to find them because I do have to pay my own bills and rent so not having a flowing income isn’t really an option for me. I do find it a little unfair that those that have monetary support from their surrounding are the ones that end up getting more field experience even if they are less qualified than others. And at times I do find that some unpaid internships are unethical. The amount of free work done is a little ridiculous. Yes, you knowingly go into the internship knowing that you won’t be getting paid, but a lot of times your work schedule is much more extensive than what you thought you were signing up for.


PR Connections 6

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For this connection I chose to place my focus on the Montana Meth Project. Everytime a commecial comes on I continually thank God for the fact that I don’t have pressure like that in my life. Seeing these ads does something to me. I personally feel like the campaign is extremely successful.

Here are a few articles about the campaign:

Nevada leaders review ad campaign started in Montana

Meth Project proves effective

Meth Still Grips, but Doesn\’t Strangle, Montana

Trying to choose an advertisement to place in this blog was very difficult for me. Each one had a different affect on me. But in the end I chose these two…

“This isn’t normal. But on meth…. it is.”

Find more information on the Montana Meth Project and view all their ads.


PR Connections 5

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I came accross a website that listed some tips on how to write a successful psa. Here are a list of the tips:

  • quality
  • variety
  • different media
  • repetition
  • multilingual/multicultural
  • attractive packaging
  • strong marketing
  • thourough evalutaion

This is an example of a PSA I found on YouTube.

This website and further explanation of these tips can be found HERE.